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Kichi Kichi

4th Floor
Contact: 043 222 3000

Kichi Kichi

Kichi Kichi

Opened in 2009, Kichi Kichi ™ is a top restaurant chain that specializes in hot pot buffet in Vietnam. The tasty and varied cuisine is served in the form of unique carousel, modern style of Japanese Kaiten. Only with a fixed price, customers enjoy unlimited quality dishes include soup 6 categories and more than 60 unique foods such as American cow's neck, American beef tongue, Korean mushrooms, fresh vegetables, and many special dishes are prepared by hand. With the slogan "non-stop moving" ( "the motion does not stop") Kichi Kichi ™ is committed to continuous development in order to bring new things to the guests every day. Not only constantly releasing new dishes with unique flavors, Kichi Kichi ™ organizes many activities to bring meaning to the enjoyable experience for customers.